Kitchen White Oak Shelf 1

Here I was constructing a white oak shelf to go onto the wall where the arts and craft cabinet is currently sitting.

Starting with some corner blocks where there are going to join the panels together.

Here some oak plywood were edge banded, ready to be resized

Corner braces were shaped into below, with edge grooved to seat the panels

Dry fitting to test out the integrity, along added a dado in the middle to seat a divider

Edge Jointing a thick white oak board, getting it ready to be resawn.  Thought that a book matched door panel would look nice.

Gluing up the cabinet and face panels. Unfortunately, the resawn pieces started to bow, seemed like this was common problem for resawn boards. Applied water on the concave side to expand the micro fibers within.

Inspecting the corner joints and door frame, still looked decent and it was holding up sturdy.

Routed a round nose groove for fingers to lift the panel

Added a french cleat to the back, So far I found french cleat is the most simple effective method to hang a cabinet.

The wall cabinet skeleton is completed, moving on to the shelf construction. It started with making bozes…


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