Like the world lacks of spinning fidgets

​Yes, it is insane.

Not sure how ball bearings catch the viral infection and now every kid on the block is holding a fidget spinner.  Couple of ball bearings with some rainbow like colors in metal could costs up to the hundreds…

Yes, it is insanity in quotes, indeed.

Thus, what would I do in this series of craziness? Make a fidget spinner, of course.

Started with a scrap piece of walnut… layout a diagonal square and marked out the center points for ball bearings.

A second circle with series of half curve spaced in the length of its diameter, also the same procedure as making a hexagon

Drill out 22 mm holes, and cut out the shapes using  the band saw

A lot of sanding…

Glued in the bearings…  Blue ones are ABEC 7, actually it does not matter what bearings these are, it is just dead weight for centrifugal force. Red one is the hyped ceramic bearing, which is said the smoothest of all.

Oiled, waxed and added a capped screw and nut for finger holding…

And here is it, as the world does not have enough fidget spinners…


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