Arts and Crafts Cabinet #4

The finalizing stage… This is where it always get me on my nerve…. As this is the time that any misalignment, finishes, sanding swirls got magnified.

Checking the dovetails, alright, still acceptable, by my low standard….


Setting up my high tech tent for ammonia fuming.


This ammonia from Ace hardware, well, does the job!


Tested fumed pieces, Left raw, middle after 12 hours, right after 24 hours

First coat of oil varnishes.  Waiting for paint to dry is the most torturing step I could ever take.


After layers of varnish and many days later, repetitive reminder to myself: be patient. The result is always rewarding.  I really like the fumed white oak, rays and flecks brought to live by the ammonia is naturally, vivid and blend in well with the wood

It is time to assemble.

The varnish caused one of the hinge socket to swell a little, after some late night eager-to-finish force is applied, I successfully proved that I am stronger than alloy.

House of Antique, did you just sold me some inferior hinges?


Luckily, I have some Made in Germany wonder glue from woodworking show.  This stuff is great! Highly recommended! It does not look very pretty, but it does the job, well, very well! and it takes merely few minutes.


Finished product.  All I could say is, it is heavy.


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