Modified Harbor Freight Marking Guage

Bought this Harbor Freight pin marking gauge sometime ago. Never really use it as it is made quite flimsy and I prefer knife or blade instead of pin. 

Got a small Japanese marking blade few months ago, decided to modify this gauge so it is usable. Plus I like the locking mechanism and reference body, just never like the adjustable rod. 

First step, obviously, let’s make the rod out of some hardwood. I used a scrap piece of Brazilian redwood. 

To the right is the original rod with pin and the adjustable brass mechanism that rides inside the groove. 

Cutting out an initial hole and slot to hold the blade in pic. 

Completed marking rod and coated with homemade wax 

Finished product. A quick one hour task and I have a new marking guage that is pleasing to my eye and works wonder


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