Japanese Craftsmanship

Having a chance to visit Hida Takayama. This place is a heaven for woodworker like me. Every 10 other stores on the same strip, there is just one small showroom filled with design like these.

The world is definitely getting smaller, design wise it is mostly in the similar line compare to North America, except the wood species are pretty local here.  Though I am very much impressed by the craftsmanship, in fact, more than the Hida Beef which I personally think overrated.

If the gem is in the detail ever so truthful for woodworkers, Japanese have perfected this definition. On those pieces that I inspected, there is not a single corner cut that I could find, from joinery to finishes.

Most impressively, none of the inspected pieces use the name of “rustic” to cover up the unskilled presentation. Instead, all the showrooms are filled with ultimate craftsmanship. 

I think the gem is in the mentality instead.

This little wood figure has a marble embedded inside, it could roll down the slanted board gently rocking back and forth.  Pretty impressive idea.

The difference is in the detail 

Slanted box lid, good idea. 


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