Bandsaw Motor Upgrade

Own an old Jet bandsaw JWBS-14CS. Bandsaw of this model (replica of the old Delta) is a real sucker of upgrades, it was designed just at the borderline of good enough and capable to do the next best thing but somehow, it lacks a little bit of this and that. I have done most modifications through out the last couple years, Kreg fence with resaw guides, urethane wheel tires, cool blocks, riser block, high quality blades, Iturra springs, task light, modified dust collecting adapters, wheel brush, trolley base, link belt… Lately, the motor is acting up… Perhaps it is time that I look into this power option as the crucial part of every performance.

Bandsaw has gone through many iterations of renewals and the new machines available in the market are truly attractive with many of above features as standard package. However, after all these work done on the Jet machine, it is just hard for me to part with it. Finally decided to do a little upgrade on the motor if it makes any difference, for the better.

The old Jet 1HP original motor.

A little rewiring so that it could fit the original set up.

Found an old Baldor L1319T 1.5HP 1725rpm 115/230V motor from craigslist. Not sure how much difference would 0.5HP makes but this motor draws 9A at 230V while the Jet draws merely 5A. The start capacitor requires 800mfd while the Jet uses 300mfd at 115V.

Baldor, made in America, has the NEMA base configuration while Jet uses the IEM standard. Different holes were drilled so that it could fit into the motor mount without much changes to the belt alignment.

First run with the belt attached. Very quiet and initial centrifugal momentum is very well balanced.  Jet has the intention to jerk a little while Baldor is pure silent and smooth. So far so good.

All set, it will take some actual cuts and runs to tell the difference , if there is any.


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