Flea Market Finding

When not planing wood, I like to visit flea markets for planes. Picked up two planes today, a Stanley No.78 rabbet plane and a No.45 Combination Plow Plane, for hundred bucks.

No. 78 has nothing special, but the No.45, I got the toolbox along and to my pleasant surprise, I bought a piece of a history too.

All the cutters are kept neatly inside this Tobacco box, in total I received a total of 19 blades. Over here in the east coast, this is so far the most complete set of used plane I have  come across during a flea market visit.

The plane itself is in a very good condition. No rust and mint condition. It is almost a complete set, except a rear depth stop where the slitter sits that went missing.

It comes with an old manual booklet, stating 7 Planes in one. This plane was retail for $16.00, about 60 years ago.

and a cam lock…

and enough cutters that will keep me busy sharpening for some time…

Now this is the interesting part. It has a piece of newspaper at the bottom of the box, Daily News, dated July 1, 1946. Dodgers won on that prior weekend.

and it captured a photo of the Bikini Atom Bomb blast experiment. That was the year after the second world war ended, when all kind of bombs were being tested while the world just recovered from major emotional turbulence…

I could only wonder, the previous owner must have had thought, the heck with the bomb, stuffed the newspaper for cushioning, and went about to do some woodworking…


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