Is there anybody out there?

This is a piece of soft maple, with an Owl face on it.

Flattening the board and leveling it with… err, two sticks. Fastest and most effective method.
(actually it is called winding stick, traditional technique, learned it from Paul Sellers, thanks to his generous videos.)

Of course, this handy dandy Makita planer is best used for fast slab flattening. The wooden  piece where the vacuum hose attached to is a custom made dust port.  Planer is so old that it does not have an efficient dust port, maybe dust was safer back then.

Trying out different combination for legs… Didn’t like this paring. The owl face soft maple was the only soft maple I have left, so I have to use some other spices of wood for legs, which is not optimal for tea table aiming for simple design.

This is a red oak (I think), maybe it could be used for legs. After planing, I thought to myself, maybe I could make it pair well with two tone color shades.

Mitered corner, testing the feel for this approach. It seemed acceptable to my eyes.

Carefully planned down to fit both mating pieces, end grain shaving from soft maple was quite pleasing. Paper thin and soft.

Routed a channel which allowed a blind spine to strengthen the joint

With a circular jig, a circle was routed out on both legs

Dry fitted, this view kept me thinking of Pink Floyd, is there anybody out there?

Glued up, after a lot of planing… a lot of sanding…

First layer of oil. The owl was coming alive, squinting at me.

Started the two tones process. Finishing is difficult. Way more difficult than woodworking itself.

After many layers… shellac sealer, Varathane stain, lacquer, tung oil, spar varnish, home made wax, polishing compound, Howard wax… I just didn’t know what I was doing… Sincerely send my salute to all the finisher out there….

Finished Tea Table




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