Matches Holder

I have a cut-off stub from a tree branch, thought that it would be perfect size for a matches holder. While waiting for the finish to cure on the tea table, it was perfect time to get this done.

Multiple repeated drilling and rough sawing, then I used a few Japanese gouges and chisels to chop to the line.

Seriously there is some thing wrong with the direction of made available goods this society is heading to.  It is getting easier to buy Viagra and Marijuana becomes legalized but I couldn’t easily find a store that carries strike anywhere matches.  I have to go online for this where just a few years ago it is available in Walmart.  I think this is the result of decision makings from the Viagra inflated and pot smoking mind, clearly it needs to classify matches as weapon of mass destruction.

This costly Domino Strike Anywhere (bought from a outdoor goods stores) works great as matches, except the strike anywhere part. For now it is best for ideal declaration.  Stay away from this brand if you are into a real man strike anywhere matches.

Finished holder. The idea was to use the stone as the striking surface. I broke enough of this crappy matches to accept that it is just not going to strike on stone. Until I get the real matches, this will be a nice piece of non-functional stone decorated matches holder.  Heard that UCO still make good quality strike anywhere matches, but I have to use the modern online technology Amazon to air ship the primitive tools to me.

Perhaps I should have built a Viagra pills holder instead, use the stone to knock yourself out if it is still not working.


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