Monkey Stand

I gave away one of the phone stands to a good family friend. Good to see people smile on what I made. Thinking of making another one that fits both tablet and smart phone, I could use the square piece.

Though I don’t have any more wooden bolt…  One thing is getting difficult in America is it is becoming really hard to find craft made materials… from wooden dowel, hand tools to bolt and nuts, almost everything is imported. When things are imported, dimension is done by metric system, so 1/2 inch is not really half inch. If not buy imported goods from big box store, I have to spend hours to source on the web (or eBay) to find a guy who is still willing to make these kind of things. Problem is rare items usually means they cost more than what I intend to build initially. Else I could make it myself, though I kinda hate the idea that I have to make everything myself in this great nation where I really could not buy something simple easily.

I caved in, as I really didn’t want to spend hours to learn how to thread a wooden screw, I went to my son’s toy bin and found this… Ikea came to rescue.

There is nothing much to the construction compare to the phone stand I made earlier, sanding and smoothing took most of the effort. The benchtop bench was really helpful though, did most of the work on it.

It is year of the monkey, thus some monkey business.

With some waxy oil finish, monkey stand looks warmer now….


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