Benchtop Bench with Moxon vise

After experiencing soreness of the lower back from extended time bending down using routers and hand tools, I think it is time to make myself a little bench to elevate the working surface, especially small parts.  Thanks to the inspiration from Jeff Miller.

I used yellow pine for the body and Brazilian redwood flooring strips for the clamps, all cut offs from previous projects.

Cut pine into 1 3/4″ strips and laminated them into a board

Planned surface

Next I dealt with the legs. Since the dimension of the top and placement of the vise hardware and dog holes pre-determined where I could place the footings so they are not interring, the top had to be completed first before the stand is being constructed. Some materials were cut and laid out on the top.

Double tenon joinery

Dry fitting

Brazilian Redwood, man, this thing is hard…. Luckily I have some white steel Japanese chisels,

I decided to have the screw nuts hidden, so they could also be secured to the back jaw instead of hanging loosely. Since the redwood is hard enough, I figured inserting the nuts between two boards would be one other option.

Using four strips to laminate into two jaws

After securing the stands to the top and fit the front moxon vise to the front, it was time to plane down the protruding vise left intentionally higher earlier.

Completed, hopefully my back will appreciate this effort soon…

Improvised some Festool hold downs and fit them to this benchtop bench, now it is more versatile.  The plan is to use it with moxon vise, as a top clamping surface using hold downs  or simply just a platform for small parts, routing sanding or whatever…  

Note that the moxon vise hardware I use is from Tools from Woodworking, the only available option that hardware purchased does not need to cost three digits.



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