Adjustable Phone Stand

If there is a single day out of a year which I feel disgusted then it is Valentine’s day. Disgusted because it is so commercialized that whatever so called romance or appreciation out there is purely measured by wallet thickness.  This year I opted not to spend a dime.

Instead of power of greenbacks, I think power of walnut is more attractive.

To the bandsaw and return, started to look like an inverted C.


Marked out a hexagon shape for an wooden nut to be inlayed.

Clamped wooden nut

No machine could help me on this, all hand sanding and filing, luckily it is not a desk size big.

First coat of bee wax

Finished adjustable phone stand

All this done in this extreme temperature, can’t say I didn’t bring warmth to this day, just not greenbacks kinda warmth.


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