Furman line conditioner enclosure

I got myself an used Furman line conditioner.  It was a good deal and it had earned good reviews over the years… Opened it up and it was filled with air, mostly.  This thing retails in the upper two hundreds… For power conditioner, I suppose simple is better. (…or it has a rip off marketing technique which I am unfamiliar with)

It was designed to go into a rack.  I didn’t have a rack and did not plan to get one.  Thus I think I should build a case for it, as it looked pure ugly on my new audio deck. I chose to have Brazilian redwood sandwiched it and capped with solid maple block, it should be nice contrast. There is not much to the construction, just measured, cut, measure and cut.

and I did it again, I was one-eighths off on measurement. How difficult was it to use a ruler? To me it seemed to be a very challenging task, perhaps I should go to pure metric system, there is no fraction to deal with. Now a simple project became very complicated, I had glued it up, how was I going to widen the opening? Guided rabbet plane and a small palm router came to the rescue.

After some tedious hours… sanded and rounded, first coat of oil.

Layers later, shellac and waxed, finished product.  Here, Furman sits warmly inside the enclosure.

Playing Midnight Blues by Snowy White, liking it…


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