Cedar lattice panel

I love aromatic cedar. If there is a specific wood I like, that would be aromatic cedar. The aroma is pleasant and the grain is just pretty. I could smell cedar whole day. Unfortunately the wood is soft and not suitable for much sturdy built.

Yet, to use it for a panel should be a nice addon to the entrance foyer to shade partial division to the living room.

Here are some nice cedars…

Dados made and planks were inserted. Ready to add the cross members.

It has been a long time ago since I ran out of clamps. Well, I think I need a few more 6 inches clamps.

Fitted on the entrance doorway. I cut some 2 inches wood for the footings. They were from the maple branch when it fell few years ago during Hurricane Sandy.

Now with the plant looping all over it. Not too bad to my eyes. Though, what is the name of this plant?

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