Mini panel Z-Saw

On Black Friday I went to Rockler, saw this Japanese mini dozuki panel saw and thought to myself, I got to have this. While replacement blade sells for $16, the whole saw is more than double the price. Sometime ago I got the blade mount from Tashiro hardware while visiting Seattle, perhaps it is fun to make the handle myself.

The ingredients: a piece of ash, 150mm mini blade, blade mount, a z-saw handle for reference.

Run carefully on table saw and cut an offset insert.

Clean with a chisel and test fit the mount.

Reset it slightly and wrap around with some Manila rope, tightly. Rounded the handle with spokeshave and sander.

Chopped off the lengthy mount and rounded the cutoff edge

Epoxied and waited for it to dry.

Coated with some beeswax, the finish mini dozuki panel saw. Now, is this made in Japan or made in America? This question sounds harder than making the saw handle.


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