Speakers Stand

Preparing the rough lumber slab for the long ever wanted build for a pair of ProAc bookshelf speakers…

The pillar itself is from salvaged mahogany logs that was original planned for some sort of tables or bench.  Well, the original owner didn’t finish the job, I think it is my mission now.

Roughing out mortise for a big tenon

Planning it smooth and flat, the beauty of the grain started emerging, getting excited.
Dry fitting once.

Dry fitting twice…

Using the newly made routing jig to remove the big mortise for foot. Choosing big mortise because I figured a good speaker stand should have every component solidly attached to each other instead of some fancy joinery.
Feeling solid.

Smoothing the sharp edges with gouging, rasping, filing, sanding, sanding and more sandingIMG_3394
Gluing time
Ahh, feeling good with few coats of tung oil varnish…IMG_3401IMG_3398


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