Router boxing jig

I found that my router has not been pushed to the full potential.  Picked up a book while I was visiting Taiwan and a lot of those complicated Asian joineries were made using machines instead of hand tools. This is rather different perception than the usual recognition here that Asian joineries are always made by hand tools.

After I returned to the states I searched on the net if there is any jig made in the same manner. I didn’t have much luck finding one like this, other than those very popular dado or mortise and tenon jigs.

So I decided to make one. Something about jig making is that compare to furniture building, in jig, precision is utmost important while curve smoothing and the rest are negotiable.  For precision, it always takes me a lot longer time for something simper.

Cutting the sledge and grooves for the long side. 

Both long and short sides assembled. 

Router housed on top, ready for action. 


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