CNC cut stool from

Got this CNC template from Maker Faire two weeks ago. Excited to try out if CNC cutting really save time and effort on producing functional small utilitarian furniture.   

It requires a saw to cut out the parts. gave me a hacksaw blade. Didn’t like it as the teeth is too coarse, started splitting wood. Used a fine tooth  Japanese saw instead, cut cleaner. 

It required me to put in some dowel pegs to secure the parts together, this is for the legs. I didn’t have any dowel that small in diameter and since this was supposed to be a fast project, went to home center and got some quarter inch dowels. Of course, nowadays dowels are not exactly quarter inch anymore, thus they were kinda loose. 

Also the legs were too long or the stool was too high, cut off one and a half inch to make the stool stands high at 10 inches.   

Here is nothing special, requires a lot of sanding, especially the edges. Pulled out the orbital sander for this instead of sand paper provided.   

Not sure if it was intended for gluing, but as a woodworker never feel secure without permanent joinery for stool. 

 First coat of varnish.   

Finished product. Does the CNC cut template serve any faster or is it more convenient for assembly? To proper dissemble the parts, a fine tooth saw is needed, also an orbital sander is needed or it will take ages to smoothen the edges, in addition to clamps and glue. Not sure if it was intended, I also need to have a trip to home center for dowel for pegs. 

Overall, the template does save down cutting time and I think that is all it saves, considering  a comparison to use plywood as constructing material if done from scratch without CNC.  


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