Beginning of a Stool

This project is one that leads me to question my skill.  One relatively simple design but one that caused me to question if I have issues with sharpening and with using hand saws.  The material involved is Sugar maple with Brazilian Redwood. According to the Janka hardness test, the Brazilian redwood is at least two times harder than the maple but gosh, this rock maple is one tough wood to plane (I am pretty sure it is kiln dried after the planning experience). I found myself return to the sharpening station every 10 mins, trying different combination of micro bevel, secondary bevel, no secondary bevel, 6000 grit, 10,000 grit, started from coarse grit again or just fine honing…. Regardless of what I tried, I have to resharpen it every 50 strokes or so… Though, the result of planned maple with birdeyes on it is exquisitely satisfying.

Pulled out the best planes I got and started the journey of “painful” planning

Resawed blade marks could still be vividly seen… some more to go

Rough dimensioned lumber

Maybe it is my skill or maybe the you-tube woodworkers know the trick before me, mating a hard maple with poplar on dovetail joint is a totally another world of  easiness compare to a maple and harder Brazilian redwood. There is no room for any wood compression where tolerance is virtually zero.

I did OK to saw split the pencil line in half, but there is still some errors and gaps which need to be “rescued”… Tail first? Pins first? This question becomes really pressurizing when dovetailing two thick hard hardwood.


Now the fun part, shaping the round over for buttocks. Did I say it correctly? Shaping the shape for round ass.

Dry fitting:

Ahh, as always, the moment of truth, first coat of oil is always pleasing… This is still my favorite part of all process. 

After multiple layers of oil varnish and home cooked wax… Not sure why I buffed to this luster sheen, it is meant for butt abuse.  



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