Tribute to the Duffy

A good friend of mine cleaning up his dad’s basement, save these for me:

Very good quality old tools… just a bit rusty… in the process of cleaning them up.

I used the Metal Rust Remover obtained from big Orange box store. Very good stuff, worked like a charm on rust.

Record #43 Plough plane:

Missing a depth stop, thus I fabricated one

Stanley #98 marking gauge:

Stanley 151 spoke shave and scraper plane:

Some old hammers, not sure what the make is but really like the patina

Well, something rough and pointy, which I think will be used quite often:

Stanley No. 6C Bailey fore plane, sole is still flat and restoration is quite straight forward, rust removed, oiled, filed, sharpened:

And finally a lantern, power outrage? That’s modern life problem, not in this workshop.


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