Steel of Dr. Barton, old Stanley 

Got some old steels from a good fellow.

Dr.Barton, 1832, old Stanley made in USA and a name that I could not make out on the mortise chisel. The mortise chisel is pretty beat up, I think I am just going to use it for rough work. First, off the handles…

After some light grinding, sanding, it is time to establish a new bevel.  Whoever the previous owner was, definitely not a craftsman as he had put a double bevel on a bench chisel, who put a double bevel on a bench chisel?! $$%!$@!#^!!! This creative mind of his causes me forever to grind a new bevel in order to get the back flush and flat.

After some substantial grinding on the extra extra coarse diamond plate and sore shoulders… a new bevel is established. Since I am using this for pairing mostly, it was grind to 25 degree.

Made a new handle for the firmer chisel. I have no access to lathe, so it was done by draw knife and a lot of belt sanding.  No matter how careful I was, I am still able to drill the hole a little crooked.  Well, guess that there is always a need for a lathe.
Finally, a mirror image edge, paper shaving sharp, ready for action.


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