Reclaimed Pine Outdoor Bench #2

Second bench is born. Leg is western red cedar.      

See that red round thing? That’s best friend for woodworker wannabe like me… It makes any imperfection “perfecto…”   

After first coat of linseed oil mix varnish. Well some black stain is applied.   

After several coats of linseed oil varnish, I applied first coat of Epifanes. The glossy finish  is usually what I dislike, however, after I had Minwax Helmsman spar failed on me within a year, clear gloss is what I am willing to go for. 

Epifanes come very thick, it broke two of my cheap foam pads as applicators, eventhough I have followed the instructions of 50% thin down on first coat, 25% second coat and 10% last coat. I end up using the premium class of foam pad to get the job done.     

It seems applying the thick Epifanes at this angle is most efficient for all surfaces.   

More layer of Epifanes. I applied total of 4 layers of this thick marine grade spar.   

Done. This is one rare project where finishing is more time consuming than constructing.  


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