Being sharp is not cheap

Keeping blades mirror sharp is not cheap. So sharp that the wound from accidental cuts heals quickly, so sharp that it cuts through receipt paper like sliding on ice, so sharp that the bevel edge could be used as a mirror. 

Keeping blades mirror sharp is not cheap. Tried belt and stone grinders, never like them. Feel that sharpness should be controlled, should be refined, graciously. Something that of automation could not easily achieve the refinement and shall reserved for machine saw blades and such. Still think the best method for blades used in hand tools are the combination of manual sharpening on DMT diamond stones, from extra extra course to extra fine, Japanese water stones for final stages refinements to 10 thousand grids and a cheap Chinese oil stone for stone flattening maintenance. Occasionally, a sharpening jig might be useful for initial coarse grinding. 

Upgraded DMT stones from 6 inches to 8 inches and took a few hours to build a base to seat these diamonds properly. 

A final coat of wax should last me for sometimes. 


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