Rustic white oak box

I have two pieces of rustic white oak cut off which I picked up from roadside in Tribecca, Manhattan couple years ago. Remembered that was the beginning of this current rustic trend and I have a thought, if I wanted some good usable wood, go to rich areas in Manhattan is easier than seeking a lumberyard.  At that time people used real rustic barn or farm salvaged wood, these two pieces I could see the ax-hewed marks on them.

Planed down a layer, keeping some figures on it

Resawed the lid off, and started routing the box from the solid wood.  Didn’t quite like the “rustic” feel on the lid, planned down some more.

After the chips flying foster bit drilling, routing and chiseling process, the box like shape was coming into picture.  Really like the oak medullary rays.

Again after everyone favorite process of tremendous sanding, the result looks acceptable. Embedded some rare earth magnets onto the lid and box itself, it gave the box a solid feel without the need of any latches or pulls.

I still maintain to retain some “rustic” feel on it.  Thought that rustic is a trend overrated by people lately and I have an inclination to steer away from it thus keep planning it down.
The headache for me now is how should I finish it since I am inexperienced with oak? Oil? Shellac? Varnish? Lacquer? Wax?


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