Chair platform

So here is an old chair… A chair that is so comfortable that I refuse to throw it away and wanted to do something about it to repair the missing legs.

I have some cut offs from past projects, 2 walnuts from the credenzas, a piece of salvaged pine from the work bench leg and a piece of thick maple

First, let’s dimension it to proper flatness and square to the sides,

and I found that the maple has some nice birdeyes on it.  For some reasons I have a thing with birdeye and spalted grains.  I figured for it to grow into such pattern it requires significant stress and pressure inside the tree. To me, it is a waste to use it for hidden platform, it is best reserved for boxes or panel fronts, so on I went and seek for another piece of normal growth pattern lumber.

Ideally if I have some softer wood which is thick enough I would have used it, however all I could find is another maple which has enough thickness, so off I go planing it flat and square again. I have to sharpen twice for this sugar maple in between.

A split tenon and mortise joinery

to form a T cross, see that the bored hole to remove rusted cut-nail is still noticeable

I thought I was building a chair platform, but somehow I started building a spacecraft…


This is what I think of when i see the dry fitted parts, Imperial fighter spacecraft…

Well, spacecraft platform is not bad, continue to round the corners and route a dado for the chair to fit in

and more more shaping and refining to go…


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