Workbench series-8

The battle of the ground is finally over for me. Next is to finish up the battle of the middle earth, put in the tools cabinet I intended to have.




Prior to finishing, I spent couple nights pondering over how and where should the dog holes go, why do experts advised to keep them simple and active online woodworkers stated their preference of series of holes, how far should them be apart and why. Just for fun I decided I could tried all these advises and go with the best decision I could conclude of. Of course, I think I have more than enough dog holes in the end, strategically they all make sense.




I chose to construct the top with one of the more stable wood species and not to laminate the top in series of strips. For this decision I have acclimated the maple in my shop for more than a year, stacked. I am glad I finally reclaim the floor space and now stand the test of wood movement. Perhaps I will be back and cave-in to the laminated strips construction. Who does not want a second workbench?

Dimension: 76″ x 23″ x 32 1/8″
Materials: reclaimed beam, sugar maple
Vises: Veritas twin screw vise, Lee Valley end vise
Top: maple, 3 inches thick, 3 slabs construction
Structure: laminated 5″ x 4.75″


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