Workbench Series-7

In the midway of this construction, I have been thinking, I am probably the n-th person who is building this workbench since Chris Schwarz makes it popular couple years back. Why the hack that everyone choose to build this continuously? My silly explanation to myself is that the 18th century Roubo style both looks sexy and sounds attractive to the woodworkers’ eyes of the 21st century. Once it is proved to be very useful, the temptation is even more irresistible. The most important part, I think which makes it so amazing is it is doable by any woodworker.

Coming together, first the sliding guideIMG_2341.JPG

A piece of Purple Heart, hardest wood I have to add as a bushingIMG_2344.JPG

Winding sticks, flattening the surface is beyond my skill level. IMG_2338.JPG


Veritas twin vise, no wonder so many like this, hopefully this will save me from building another moxon vise. IMG_2350.JPG


My little 3 owls. Seems like wood branding is another techniques I need some understanding IMG_2348.JPG


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