Record and Stanley

Spent the afternoon on Saturday visiting a tag sale from a workshop to whose the owner is retiring. Unexpectedly it turned out to be quite an inspiring experience. The owner, not only have some quality tools, also a keen woodworker, knife maker, gun restorer, muscle cars enthusiast and optical refiner. A true craftsman of his generation. While we were tinkering with his toys, he liked to joke: I could build anything except money.

Most impressive attribute he posted to me is the enthusiasm he carries toward life, always a reason to explore new territory, instead of finding the excuses we always heard not to do something: No place, wife objects, no time, too expensive…

Retrieved a rare-find Record 020C Compass plane. Never use a compass plane before and many thanks to this man I get to experience one now. An old Record compass plane which is kept in prestige condition where the blade was not even honed. After some oil lubing and honing, I am quite surprise to learn that Record was actually a very high quality manufacturer. In fact, the response and feedback I receive from using Record plane is much more substantial than any Stanley I owned. Guess where would I lay my eyes seeking for used tools next time.



Retrieved a Stanley side rabbet plane #79. Again an old plane that was kept new and burr from the machine grinding was still left on the blades. Was thinking it would be quite difficult to use a small plane like this but it turns out to be pretty enjoyable. Forcing a board into a dado cut which is too narrow is often my challenge given my skill level. Now instead of just planing down the board to fit the dado, I have the option to slice back and forth to widen the groove.




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