Workbench Series-1

Looking at many woodworkers’ workbench has becoming a jealousy of mine. Just envy that there is sturdy flat surface to use as a reference, powerful jaws to clamp pieces securely and most importantly a piece of pride in the workshop. I have been struggling by all this time…

I sourced some thick sugar maple for the top and some old beams (looks like fir) for the legs and frame. Sourcing thick lumbers are also a challenge in this region but that is another story.

Never buy reclaimed wood with many rusty nails. Learn this the hard way. There is also a saying that bad carpenter used tons of nails and I blamed these carpenter(s) for their lousy skills. It took me close to 5 days to de-nail all the rusty, buried nails with new added tools: Crescent de-nailer, harbor freight metal detector, 1 inch hole cutter and 18″ crawl bar and vise grip, plus a lot of bruce force that my body is still aching with. Nails I removed ranged from 3 inches frame nails to old cut nails, perhaps I could not blame just a single carpenter as it has its story through out the time. After I am done the beams they look like they had been to war and returned, bullet holes everywhere. Not sure how much usable lumber I could salvage after I could dimension them.






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