Study Desk Completion

Finally a completed study desk.

4 layers of BLO, shellac, wipe on Poly and completed with bee-carnauba-home-mix-wax. The result is acceptable, it is hard to achieve a satin rich finish.  It seems that either I could have a rich and glossy finish or a dull and subtle finish but not in between. Since I like to maintain the rustic maple surface, yet to bring the rich grain from within and still provide a certain protection,  I apply the layers accordingly. Perhaps it is the technique that I am missing or probably I should really look into french polish, rich yet not plastic-hy like what poly does.

Spalted maple looks awesome, yet it seems it does not blend in with Pine well. Well, I shall look for another combination for the coming book shelves.

DSC_1493 DSC_1494 DSC_1481 DSC_1482 DSC_1483 DSC_1484 DSC_1486 DSC_1487 DSC_1489 DSC_1490 DSC_1492


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