2hp Grizzly

I had the Delta 50-840 1hp single stage dust collector with a Wynn cartridge filter. It was a decent unit but after a while, it is hard to clean and significantly lose suction power when the filter easily clogged.

Saw a deal on a used grizzly 2hp on Craigslist, it is cheap but framing, filter bags and wiring were all in bad shape, loose or broken, missing bolts or punctured hose. Motor is still running good though. Read that quite some people build thien baffle for two stages separator and I thought it is a good idea to try it out.

The Grizzly is a 220v motor not convertible to 110v while I was comfortably using a remote switch for the 110v Delta. All the remote switches in the market for 220v are too pricey in my opinion, it is a niche market and the product has its price, well, high price. I borrow the idea and used a Fasco H2603B contactor, along with a 10 dollar remote switch from the home center, some new wiring and two 20A fuses for 240v power supply, viola, I have a remote switch that works perfectly, one third of the cost to what I could get from Amazon.

Powering up the dust collector first time last night, seeing the dust swiveling into the trash bin is really a joy. Internet does make project or tools modification much easier.






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