ECE block plane

I am sick. Sick of a kind of illness that I enjoy much from sharpening steel blades. Once the iron blade is installed in a plane and produce fine thin shaving, the satisfaction is fulfilled.

Got my hands on this little ECE block plane with lignum vitae sole. Bought it used from a seller who listed it as mint. It is manufactured for some time now, but when it arrives, it looks virtually new, no scratches on the sole and the protecting layer of grease on the iron is still literally untouched. It seems the previous owner(s) have not used it at all.


There is something about German steel. I could not make out what kind of steel it is, just a label stamped “ECE Granite” on it. It is extremely hard, harder than the white steel on the Japanese chisel, or the Hock blade I have. I said so as it took extreme effort to sharpen it, even on diamond stone.


Once it is honed, the result is quite amazing. There are quite some positive reviews posted on this little plane, yet i wonder why has it not hit big all this time.


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