Sofa End-Cabinet Part 1

In sequential to the dark walnut theme I have used for the coffee table, I have chosen few more slabs to begin the construction of end cabinet.

Here started the preparation of slab top, a 66″ of walnut slab planed to be miter joined to the legs, which is a real challenge for me as to how shall I come up with a structurally sound joint.



Flattening a slab like this requires constant check using a straight edge to level and inspect the high spots. Since I don’t like to use jigs and router as shown in many suggested methods, it comes down to pure patience and feel.




Joining legs with maple logs:

Mitered ends with key slot, created a through tenons on the cross-member, added a key to lock the tenon.  I have to buy a new long bar clamp to do a dry fit.

Carved the sides, planned the top and sanded from 80, 150, 220 to 320.  This is the part where lots of detail attention is needed and most tedious job prior to finish.

Created a key for the through tenon slot

First coat of oil is always most rewarding.  It is my favorite part of the tasks so far.

Another view from the side angle

Part 1 completed, moved to its final destination, now I will need to concentrate on Part II where the cabinet credenza will fall into place.


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