Walnut table

Beginning of the coffee table, two pieces of crooked walnut slabs that I had no idea how to deal with. Too small for a single table, too crooked for dual stacks, too twisted for a flat end table, so I decided to join them, and it was a painful task for my skill level.

I could not have a straight cut in middle, for one I would have removed too much of its nice pattern, for second it was too twisted for me join them flush even with a straight edge. Decided to take the painful road and follow the curvature, cut around the pattern to have the best grain match I could find.

This was the first process after joining the two pieces.

Next I have to prepare the legs. I chose soft maple to create a contrast from the walnut, since there would be a sub-layer underneath the top, I figure a whitish color in contrast to the dark walnut shall be good combination. A lot of planning to flatten the slab.

Here I began the construction of wood filling, combined with key slot to mount the legs to the underside of the top table.Planned to cover the hole with a piece or acrylic so I could decor it with some rocks on top. Wood and rocks should be good match, I figured.

Dry Assembly

It was time for some finish. A blend of Danish Oil with Polyurethane. After the first coat, I was very excited, at this point I was thinking regardless of what others said, I would still be pleased with the result.

Finished assembled table. For my first experience dealing with walnut slab, I am quite satisfactory with the result


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